Pregnancy and Post Natal classes

Through my experiences of pregnancy and birth, I have gained empathy and understanding of the importance of a woman's individuality, whether it's your first or tenth baby. I'm totally there for you because it's such a wonderful, challenging time and it's a BIG DEAL! 

During pregnancy and postnatal yoga classes you can expect breathing techniques, deep relaxation, gentle movement and practical tips while meeting some lovely ladies going through a similar experience to you. 

Pregnancy classes are suitable at all stages of pregnancy - every Wednesday 6.45-8pm at We Are Wellness, just off Headingley Lane, Leeds. 

The postnatal class is suitable for all new mummies from baby's birth to walking - every Thursday 11.30-12.30 term time only at We Are Wellness

I also offer pregnancy classes as part of my birth doula services, please see that section of my website for more details.  

I learned once that you can't teach what you don't practice. So rather than try and tell others what to do, I simply share my practice with my classes. 

My Yoga classes

My Yoga practice

​​I discovered yoga in 2005 as therapy.  Tuning in to my breath and concentrating on feeling my body move was a great way to escape from some hard times. I began to practice Ashtanga yoga soon after my first son was born and discovered peace and calm in a dynamic daily yoga practice. 

​My pregnancy yoga teacher Uma introduced me to a new way of practising yoga which was quieter and more relaxing. I began a regular womb yoga practice of my own, acknowledging the need to slow down in meditation and yoga nidra, The peace I have found through Womb Yoga and Yoga Nidra has allowed me to joyfully reconnect with my inner wisdom, insight and vitality. It is a profoundly nourishing practice, healing and vitalising - perfect for me as a busy mummy!  

Find out more about Womb Yoga and Uma Dinsmore-Tuli here

The aim of yoga therapy is to promote good health for the whole person - the emphasis of this work may be towards the body, the mind, the emotions or all of these.

Using yoga and massage to bring an awareness of the body and mind, I tailor individual sessions to your personal needs, to aid in your healing and to provide practical help to a more positive state of being.

My main focus in yoga therapy is to aid relaxation for fertility,  pregnancy and birth preparation and to promote healing postnatally. I usually run Yoga therapy sessions at We Are Wellness, just off Headingley Lane in Leeds. 

I am happy to discuss your individual yoga therapy needs with you. This specific work is usually on a 1-1 basis and more generally in womb yoga workshops. 

Please do get in touch for a chat - 07837546283.   

Yoga Therapy Sessions

A flow yoga class is where the body flows through a more dynamic practice, incorporating more standing postures and sun salutations. This class is harder than  Hatha for All and is better suited to people who want to move more, stretch and push their bodies.

I offer private corporate classes and 1-1 classes at the moment.   

Yoga flow

This therapeutic class has been developed especially to nurture women's health, healing and vitality by using supportive breath awareness, meditations, gentle movement and deep relaxations.  

​I offer monthly workshops, weekly classes and 1-1 womb yoga sessions at the moment, please see the timetable section of my website for more info and dates.  ​​

Womb yoga

Pregnancy and Post Natal classes

I learned once that you can't teach what you don't practice. So rather than try and tell others what to do, I simply share my practice with my classes. 

Jules Staveley

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