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There are so many reasons why a Women's Health Yoga Therapy session is for you: From painful menstruation, difficulty conceiving, having a difficult birth, feeling uncomfortable in your body, a Diastasis Recti (stomach muscle separation), peri menopause, menopause or post menopause leading to feeling disconnected, tired out, hormonally imbalanced  or a range of other issues, to pelvic and gynaecological problems. Using a whole body approach, we will practice supportive yoga and specialist Women's Health yoga practices designed to support the muscles in the stomach, back and pelvis. 

These Yoga Therapy sessions are completely bespoke, therefore they are suitable for everyone if you identify as a woman and you feel as though a private session would be suitable for you.  

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Monthly Yoga Nidra Workshops

Jules' classes and workshops are the perfect place to be able to joyfully re-connect to your body, mind and spirit.

To book onto any classes or workshops please click on the titles. 


To book a Hatha, Vinyasa flow or Yoga Nidra 1-1 yoga session or to book yoga in your office please contact Jules.  

Women's Health Yoga Therapy

Yoga Nidra is the practice of yogic sleep, where the body is completely still while the mind travels.

A profound form of relaxation, a great treasure, an amazing meditative resource for healing, insight and empowerment. 

​Yoga Nidra provides us with the opportunity to experience deep freedom.  

Yoga Nidra can be practiced by all, no previous experience is necessary.