Jules Staveley

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Please note that home visits will incur an extra charge for petrol and time spent travelling. 

Relieving aches and pains after being an awesome birth partner!

Home visit

£50      60 minutes​​

£35      30 minutes (when used with a New Mama Massage

New Papa Massage

On consultation only

Revive, refresh, restore

Home visit

£50      60 minutes​​

New Mama Massage

On consultation only

Using pressure points to ease discomfort, aid relaxation and promote calm

Home visit

£60      60 minutes​​

Labour Massage

40 weeks + Pregnancy Massage

Promote the natural onset of labour by using acupressure points to increase Oxytocin

£55      60 minutes​​

Soothe your pregnant body and experience total relaxation

£35      60 minutes

​£50      90 minutes

Pregnancy relaxation Massage

Using Thai Yoga massage and oil massage 

£45      60 minutes

Thai & Oil blend Massage

A much stronger massage focusing on specific areas of the body

Not for the feint hearted

£40      60 minutes

Deep Tissue Massage

Holistic Therapeutic Massage

Relaxing and restorative massage, suitable for all

£35      60 minutes

£50      90 minutes


My passion for massage and the healing power of touch has grown and after training in Thai Yoga Massage in 2007 I've been drawn to train in Holistic Therapeutic, Pre and Post natal, Rhythm Mobility, Deep Tissue and Sports and Remedial Massage in more recent years. 

I offer massage at We Are Wellness in Headingley (Just off Headingley Lane) and In Touch Therapy space in Chapeltown, Leeds. Find my treatment rooms here - 

I also offer home visits. 

I also offer and corporate massages -

Please contact me to discuss your massage requirements.